The Cycle Story

Whichever road you would take you yourself have to ride ..

When I was a kid I wanted to learn to ride a bicycle. Sometimes my friends help me to ride and other times my brother but those one day lessons didn’t helped me that much. And I always complain that either the bicycle is very big for me or they are not teaching me well.

Then later I stopped learning until I came in my highschool and saw that all my classmates knew how to ride a bicycle even some knew bikes also. And then i decided to learn and urge my father to bring me a one, as old one was sold out when we shifted to a new place. Papa bought me a brand new bicycle. And this time again after one lesson that my father gave me i started complaining that this bicycle is too big or this or that. At that time no one in my family have that much time to teach me riding and i didn’t want to learn it from my friends because of the fear of humiliation. so one day i go to my papa and start complaining that how am i gonna learn this alone, this bicycle is too big for me, no one have time for me , what am i gonna do, then papa said, “if this really matters to you, you will surely find a way”, and then left. At that time i was angry at him but later on whenever i thought about riding i remember his words and then after some time i alone in one or two week learned to ride a bicycle by practicing daily on my terrace by holding the wall.

That was just a bicycle you know some kids can learn it in just 3 to 4 days but i want to share a lesson that i had learned behind this whole thing.

Consistency, self-efforts and Complainless nature are must we have to indulge in ourselves in order to learn something. We can’t learn something in just one day we have to maintain that consistency throughout the whole process. Always depending on other for learning not gonna help us.Sometimes we ourselves have to put efforts and move our ass hard to get what we want in life.

With love sakshi ❤️

Love is Love

Two years back I met a guy in a coaching class later on we became good friends. One day we are discussing something and in between our conversation I mentioned that I has a huge crush on our quant teacher and I like him afterwards he said he likes him too and also has a crush on him. Then i said ” what?, Really!! I mean are you into boys” then he confidentially said “Yass”. At that time I felt in some kind of different way but later on I thought of this and realise that what is that much different here, we both had a same kind of feeling for a same person, that feeling is common here and why I considered my feelings normal and his not, it’s just a feeling and any one can have it.

And then I realized that love is not bind by a gender it is something that is beyond everything. We can have a feelings for anybody in this world. Being a gay or lesbian is not a mental disability/illness as many people consider it, No! It is not, love can never be a disease. Abusing someone, cheating, having drugs, hateness etc are something that is mental illness not love. Love can never be a disease instead it is something that heals us.

No matter if you are into a men or a women, it is normal, what is unnormal here is cheating on your partner or ditching them. Whosoever your partner is men/women, love them by your heart and have a guts to say in public how much you love them, kiss them, hug them , celebrate your love with them.

And whenever someone ask you that if you are a gay/lesbian don’t over react just answer them confidentially “Yes” if you are and if you are not then just say “No”. It’s not a question of humiliation or something abusing just consider it as a normal thing because may be a person around you who is actually a part of LGBTQ community may feel scare to talk about his feelings in future by your reaction.

Love is something that unite every person in this world whether it is towards a male, female, transgender or someone else. Resepct it!

President Obama, during his two terms from 2009-2016, declared June as the LGBT pride month each year. But why only june, love is something that has to be celebrated every day every time, because Love is Love❤️

Happy pride month💙❤️💚💛🧡

With love sakshi ❤️

The last meet 🍂

I knew it was going to be our last meet, i knew that even if you say see you soon , there will be no soon for us. I had a lot to say to you but i could not say. I just don’t wanted to loose that last moment of “us”, i wanted to feel your scent for the last time, i wanted to feel our togetherness for the last time.

I don’t remember what was you saying that time and what was happening around me i just watching your lips moving and lost in your eyes.. recalling the day when we first met we were both shy and talked so little but when that small talks turned to long long conversation I don’t know, when those two shy buddies became two mad in love birds I don’t know. I started reminiscing our those cute fights over our favorite chocolate, those amorous moments , those laugh, those madness, those late night talks, those closeness, all those moments when we held each other.. but then a voice came by “its time you are getting late” that broke my whole jar of memory, it’s felt like someone smashed my head over reality so hard and it was your voice.

You know what the smile i gave you that day after saying you “bye, take care” was the fakest one i ever gave to anyone because i was broken from inside, i was crying from inside still don’t wanted to show it on my face and then when i turned after leaving your hand, every step that i took was expecting you to stop me and to say “hey stay, don’t go let’s fix this together”, that you say that you still love me but you didn’t said a word and then i also didn’t looked back and went cause i knew even if i looked you wouldn’t stop me.

Today while remembering that day many ifs comes to my mind like what if I said you everything that day, what if you stopped me that day any many more but one thing for sure i feel inside me is..

Some journeys go half way and that’s why they are probably more beautiful.❤️

With love sakshi

(not dedicated to anyone)

Say hello to Failure

10:00_PM_ success after failure sounds better ..

We are taught from our childhood that we cannot fail, failure is shameful, the one who fails is zero and the one who wins is hero, after listening to so much negativity related to failure, now we are so much aftraid that we are afraid of taking risks.

Hey there,

who so ever is reading this right now, don’t be afraid of failure, it’s not so terrible believe me, this is your best teacher of life. Those things that you gonna learn from failure you can’t learn from success. It will teach you to value the success. At first you will hate it but after getting success you will thank it first for helping you in recognizing your mistakes, for making you a warrior and for teaching you to not take anything for granted.

You know what,

Those who fails are not zero, everyone who tries is a hero. Life is not a competition, it’s a journey full of ups and downs. In your downs learn, dream, don’t give up, keep moving forward and in your ups don’t forget your downs.

Value every part of your journey even if it is small.

With love sakshii❤️

Cause and Effect relationship✨

8:00_PM wish whatever is happening is a effect of good cause..

In my school days, my drawing teacher used to teach us how to create new color by mixing pigments. Like for example blue amd yellow can be combined to form a shade of green. So here’s the cause and effect relationship is created where the cause is mixing the color and the effect of same is forming of a different new color.

In our life we can see this relationship almost in our every action, As they say, every action have some reaction, some our immediate one and some takes time. And we call this relationship “karma”, ya its nothing just action-reaction or cause-effect relationship.

Many times it happens to most of us that we complain that why some people around us who did wrong to us or anyone else are living happily why didn’t they get the result of their karma till now? and then we may have a thought like it’s okay to do bad things, there is nothing like karma exists. But hey, wait karma do exist. The thing is, not every action have immediate reaction. Like when we put our hand on a hot stove it will immediately produce a hot burn but on the other hand when we sow a seed, it will take time for the plant to grow, it doesn’t grow immediately.

In the same way some of our action be it bad or good takes time for reaction. Whatever is happening to us right now is either the reaction of our past actions or may be the action itself which going to produce reaction in future. So, do good as much as possible because karma will not see that whether you did the thing in good intention or in bad, it will give results purely based on your actions. If good things can take time , bad one can take too. Everyone will get results of their karma sooner or later, Just focus on your karma, your actions and your life..

Happy life ❤️

Stay strong together

The time is so tough right now i know almost everyone of us is going through the feeling of anxiety and fear. Everday when i open newspaper in morning there is no good news inside there only the bad news like covid-19 cases are increasing, death toll increasing, shortage of O2, shortage of beds and ventilators, people are dieing etc. And you know what sometimes I thought of skipping the newspaper reading to avoid these headlines but that is something I can’t do because I know no matter what will happen next i have to face the reality, i just can’t run away from it.

We just can’t let our fear enslaves us instead we have to overcome it. I read somewhere that helping others makes us strong from inside, so help the needy ones around you in whichever way you can because our one little help can be a something big support for the other one.

Stay strong in these difficult times, this too shall pass, believe in god..

Avoid crowded places, wear a mask, get yourself vaccinated. Don’t forget our participation is must in avoiding further waves.

Wish you good health❤️

It’s time to heal💙

11:30_PM I choose this path for myself, to heal myself…

Only love can heal a broken heart, they say, But why also is it love that leads us to the stage where our heart breaks? Why the one who at some point of time made us feel alive hurt us the most in the end and leaves us in nowhere? Why those who knew all our secrets at one time do not talk to us anymore? I think all these question have only one answer and that is “because it’s life, which is full of uncertainty”

Love have no expiry date, but people have. And when that time comes, no matter how much effort we give, no matter how much we beseech they leaves us.. and we are left with our broken heart wondering where our mistake was, and see this is a life we can’t control everything. Sometimes things get so messed up that the more we try to fix them, the worse they get, and letting go is the only option we are left with. I know it is not the easy one to choose but you know what the more we try to hold onto things, the more they want to slink off, so let them.

Heal yourself, free your heart with every grudges that you have for anyone, free your soul. Do not find closure in outer things find it within yourself because it’s all in your head, take reality checks, face reality with courage and start accepting the things as they are because the self destructive path they we create for ourselves is not gonna lead us to anywhere except pain. So, free yourself from pain, the love that you gave to anyone will not gonna go in vain it will eventually comes to you in another way, trust god and his process , if he has end something then he must have done that to start something fresh and good. Because as they say, every heartbreak makes you closer to the one who is actually made for you.


Have a good day 🌈

Conversation with maa

Meera- maa they show respect for us today..

Maa- I know meera..

Meera- But what about other days maa..?

Maa- on social media they show it everytime meera.

Meera- But why not in real maa, they worship you as a fearless maa kaali, but why they not consider other womens around them as strong, fearless and not even show some respect to them??

Maa- Not all are same, some people do…

Meera- but why not all, it costs nothing maa, and those who does, why they don’t dare to fight for us? Why they just show sympathy for us..?

Maa- here is the problem meera, why you want others to fight for you when i gave you everything to fight for yourself. You seek sympathy, they show sympathy, you fight for yourself, they will stand with you..

Meera- but how could we fight for ourselves maa, when after so many oppositions and awareness they still follow their old beliefs and don’t find it acceptable to womens to enter your place when we are on our periods? You are also a women maa, do they stop worshipping you for every five days of every month? Do they remove your sculpture from temple for every five days of month? No, no maa then why they stop us or find it wrong about us to worship you on those days..?

Maa- Humans made their own rules meera and signed them on behalf of god. For me you are my child on everyday and everytime whether you are on your periods or not, you are equal for me everytime and my blessings are with you always. They all calls me maa and a maa never stops her child from entering her place. They are humans meera not god, you have to choose wisely what you have to do or what you find right. Always remember one thing that i am with you in your every action that doest not cause any harm to anyone. I gave equal powers and strengths to my every child (men or women), don’t find yourself weak meera you are also strong and fearless, just realize your power and fight for yourself, you find me by your side everytime my child..

Meera- I will maa, and i wish every women will realise your image in them(strong, fearless, brave and bright).

Happy women’s day❤️ to all the Womens out there.

There are many issues which many womens face like dowry, domestic voilence, sexual harassment etc.. every day and they never gonna end until we start taking steps for ourselves and fight for ourselves.

My dear ladies you all are strong and brave just like kaali maa. Support and listen to each other, made your own rules because god never makes any rule we all made them..



Show some love❤️

Stop Regretting, start living✨🌻

I regret everything these days even the little one. I regret when we first met , and the moment of our last visit. Manytimes i go through feelings like this when i regret about all those bonds that ended too soon without the obvious reasons, all those peoples who left me in nowhere when i needed them the most and about all the things those i somehow took for granted..

But then i realized, does regretting makes the things better in my life?

No,never it eventually makes me regret my present moment as well. In summer i will miss the cold breeze of winter night, in the winter i will miss the warm sunlight of summer.

I have made my mind to stop filling my days with regrets. Instead, i will greet the present moment that is a gift for me from god, i will cherish the present bonds, i will give my full time to those peoples who are with me now, and i will values the things that i have right now. I can’t change my past and I don’t know about my future,but all i have is “present” either i can live it fully or i can waste it by just regretting things. So i decided to live this moment fully and don’t think about even the R of regret.

I hope you will also get the point after reading this post . So from onwards make this good habbit of “stop regretting and start living” 🧡

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11:00_PM “Nostalgia to hard times”

“Chidiya” this is one of my favorite song. I first heard it in july 2020 and i instantly got connected to it but that time it was just a soothing song for me, but as we know 2020 was not just a normal year for us so i too got into so much difficult phases or situations last year when life starts seeming so difficult to me then one day at night i just played this song in my earphones and started listening to it and that day my frustrated soul understood every words of this song. It was like vilen written this song for all the peoples like me who got so affected by their surroundings and lost themselves for a while and don’t know how to start again.

So, when vilen said “Oh ri chidiya na tujhe ri Kyon yeh duniya bhaaye re,Oh re panchhi kyon humesha Baithi munh latkaaye” i really felt it in my nerves, the situation was same with me that time, those nights and days are full of tears and despair and i isolated myself from everyone, only my close one knows what i became that time (thanks to them they are with me in my hard times). I had so much expectations from 2020 i think not onle me but we all had, but every month of 2020 was full of unpredicted things. And when you heard your emotions in a song whose lyrics surreal with your state you feel connected .. next when these lines comes “teri aankh yeh jo nam hai inmai jo gam hai chod k subah pe kar yakeen” i heard tune of hope into my ears. Like morning definitely comes after every night, more opportunities will also comes in future. Failure is not permanent, despair is not permanent, god will bless you with brighter days just have patience (patience is the big learning of me from 2020) and faith. So i started feeling better after some time and change my mindset from seeing things negative to positive. Just a song na but see impact kitna huge tha.

And the best line “yeh jamana besharam hai na iska dharam hai kyu dhunde hai tu ismai bandagi tere sath tera man hai dil ki dhadkan hai aage bhadke jeele zindagi” helped me to tackled the sufferings that somehow my some relations gave me. It is right yar why we searching love and happiness in other peoples when it is already gifted by god inside us, we are enough for us and you know what we are ourselves the most deserving person for our love❤️.

For me some good songs, books and movies are the perfect mood setters.

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Thanks for your precious time to read this post❣️

Hope you have a good year✨

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